The Popular Education Project (PEP) is a collective of organizers and popular educators from popular movements in the United States. Together we have decades of experience working in diverse communities of struggle, including organizing workers, immigrants, homeless people, survivors of police abuse, youth, faith communities, antiwar, and local peace economy activists.

The mission of PEP is to  provide a space for organizers, leaders, and activists to study, discuss, and reflect on the issues that we encounter in our society and in our political and economic system.


2016 school of resistance

The ETINA School of Resistance is a 3-week course designed to foster participant's understanding of society through the study of philosophy, political economy, as well as politics and the state.Our goal is to give participants a well-rounded education to best serve their communities. The 3-week course will be hosted at St Mary's Retreat House (775 W Drahner Rd, Oxford, MI, 48371) from July 29 to August 20.